Picture Framing Magazine

Picture Framing Magazine is the industry’s leading magazine, with practical, well-written articles covering frame shop craftsmanship to effective retail practices.

Picture Framing Magazine

PFM – Picture Framing Magazine

John has been writing for PFM since it was first published in 1990, with an article on Creative Needlework framing.  Since then he has written a number of articles on marketing and website development and is featured in the bi-monthly column, Mat Doctors.

Many of these articles are available as pdf files and can be downloaded through subscription to PFM Magazine.


4 thoughts on “Picture Framing Magazine

  1. John Ranes II, CPF, GCF Post author

    David, Not sure what you mean by Introductory Information? I recall when PFM first appeared.. I was invited as one of their earliest writers and did an article on framing needlework in one of the first three issues, as I recall.

  2. David Waldmann

    I have the premier issue promotional material that shows the first issue was slated to be January, 1990. Maybe you meant 1993?

    The reason I even questioned it is that in 1983 I was one year into working for Vermont Hardwoods, and we were advertisers in the premier issue after I purchased the company in 1988. If you’d like me to email you the info just let me know.

    1. John Ranes II, CPF, GCF Post author

      David, You are most likely correct… I have those first couple of issues buried somewhere, I just didn’t realize from your wording that you were correcting my details…

      I actually have in my hands the the January 1994 issue where I wrote an article on Creative Glass Etching. I note that they had inserted the PPFA “Art Frame Today” newsletter within the issue. Wow…talk about a clue of things in the future!

      I’m also amazed at how 1970-80’s the magazine looks with all the B&W pix and diagrams within the pages. Fun…



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