Tru Vue

Tru Vue sets the standard for glazing that enhances, protects & beautifies.  Whether it’s Museum Glass, Conservation Clear, or our acrylic glazing products including Optium Museum Acrylic;, no other company has such a complete portfolio of high performance glazing options. From custom framing to conservation & preservation in museums & galleries across the globe to commercial optics, Tru Vue is known as a leader and     innovator in the protection & conservation of all things framed & displayed.

Tru-Vue - Glazing that enhances and Protects

Tru-Vue – Glazing that enhances and Protects

John first presented seminars for Tru-Vue in 1990 for their distributors in the UK and Germany.  Since 2012, John has been part of a team of 8 framers and business owners who consult for Tru-Vue.


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